Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Can I submit my paper for publication if it’s not going to be presented at the Conference?

All accepted papers will be required to be orally presented at the Conference. Papers not presented at the Conference won’t be considered for publication afterwards.


2) In what language should I prepare my presentation? Will there be translation on site?

All presentations will have to be given orally in either Spanish or English. Please note there will be simultaneous translation for the Keynote Speeches, but not for the parallel sessions.


3) Will there be poster presentations?

Only oral presentations will be given. We’ll have equipment in place for anyone requiring projection of visual aids or material.


4) What will be the format of the presentations?

Individual presentations will be organized thematically according to the different topics of the event. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present their work with 5 minutes allocated for questions afterwards.


5) What happens if I exceed my allotted time?

Individual presentations shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes of duration. If you exceed your allowed time to present, you won’t have time for questions; if you go beyond the permitted time for questions, you’ll be asked to stop. Please be mindful of this when preparing your paper.


6) How should I prepare multimedia material I’d like to present?

Please include all visual and multimedia material in a single Power Point document (.pptx). Make sure there’s no need for additional codecs or drivers to properly project the material. Authors will be asked to provide this document before presenting.


1) What do I need to do in order to be registered as participant in the event?

In order to be included in the final program, you must:

  1. Pay the corresponding registration fee.
  2. Upload and attach a final paper (following the provided template) in PDF format to your EasyChair submission by August 20th (only for main authors that will be presenting at the event).


2) How can I pay for my registration?

All payment must be conducted through our website:


3) If I’m the main author of a paper, what fee should I pay and what information should I include in my registration form?

All authors presenting at the Conference are required to pay the corresponding “Presenter” fee. Papers whose main author has not paid the “Presenter” fee, regardless of his or her physical presence at the event, won’t be included in the final program.

When registering as “Presenter”, please provide the following information in the registration form for each paper that you will be presenting:

o Category (regular, member, student).
o EasyChair number of accepted abstract.
o Title of paper you will be presenting.
o Main author.


4) If I’m the co-author of a paper and I want to attend but not present at the Conference, what fee should I pay?

Co-authors not presenting at the Conference are required to pay the corresponding “Attendant” fee.


5) If I’m the co-author of a paper but I won’t attend the Conference, am I required to pay a fee?

If you are not presenting nor attending the Conference, you’re not required to pay any fees. This includes co-authors that won’t be attending nor presenting.


6) If I’m the main author of a paper and I’m an undergraduate or postgraduate student, how should I proceed to opt for the discounted rate?

If you’re presenting as student and want to opt for our discounted rate, please remember you must provide a proof of enrolment document (sent to before registering. Once it’s been approved, you’ll be allowed to pay the corresponding student “Presenter” fee.


7) I’m the main author of a paper, but I won’t be able to attend the Conference, can someone else represent me? If so, what information should be included in the registration?

Third-party representation will be allowed. This means a person can present more than one paper in representation of absent attendees, under the condition the main author of said paper has already paid the corresponding “Presenter” fee beforehand and has given his or her authorization. Third-party representation for non-paid presentation won’t be allowed.

If you’re paying a “Presenter” fee but won’t be attending and someone else will represent you, please provide the following information in the registration form:

o Category (regular, member, student).
o EasyChair number of accepted abstract.
o Title of your original paper.
o Authorization and full name of representative.


8) Will I get a certificate if I present/attend the Conference?

All presenters at the Conference will be provided a certificate that confirms their participation in the event. If you require a certificate of participation as attendant, please make sure to include this request in the registration form so we can have it ready for you once you arrive.


9) What’s the deadline of early bird registration?

Early bird rates will be available until August 20th, 2019.


10) I have problems with the registration form/platform. What should I do?

Please contact us at:


1) Will papers presented at the Conference be published?

All papers presented at the Conference will be included in our Conference Proceedings, which will be available under open access policy. All presented papers will also be considered for publication in the SCOPUS and WOS indexed journal IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.


2) How will the peer-review process take place?

Once the Organizing Committee has received all final papers, these will undergo a double-blind peer-review process in preparation for future publication in the IOP Publishing journal. Please remember that acceptance to present your work at the Conference doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance to be published by IOP Publishing. In order to ensure the quality of the scientific work, all papers that will be published in the journal must be approved via peer-review.


3) What language should my paper be in if I want to publish it in the IOP Publishing journal?

While we will accept presentations in either Spanish or English at the event, it is extremely important authors are aware that the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science journal only accepts papers written in English. Therefore, authors interested in being published will be required to provide an English version of their work at a later date. In order to save up time, authors are encouraged to present in English.


4) Is there information I should be aware of before starting to write?

Before writing your paper, please take some time to review our “Publication Instructions” (


5) How should I format my paper? Is there a template I should follow?

Regarding text formatting, you must use the templates provided in our website ( in either the Word or LaTex formats, since these will be only ones accepted by IOP Publishing when preparing the publication.


6) What’s the maximum paper extension allowed?

Papers shouldn’t exceed 3500 words in length, including titles and references. Abstracts are not considered in the word count.


7) What the deadline for the final paper submission?

August 20th, 2019.


1) Are there hotels that offer discounted rates during the event?

Universidad Católica de Temuco has partnered with several hotels in the city of Temuco to provide you with a wide range of options for your stay. You can find the complete list in our website under “Registration”. Don’t forget to mention you’re attending the SBE19 Temuco Conference at the Universidad Católica de Temuco to be offered a special rate during your stay.


2) Will there be opportunities to visit the city and the surroundings? Are there any touristic activities scheduled?

The city of Temuco is in direct proximity to beautiful natural landmarks, such as the Villarica, Collico and Caburga lakes, the Villarica volcano, many different crystal-clear rivers and the Conguillio, Villarica and Huerquehue national parks. At the same time, it’s also located at a short distance of the neighboring cities of Villarica and Pucón, commercial and tourism hubs for the region with plenty gastronomical offerings, access to hot springs, casinos, hotels and spas. Aiming to provide our attendants with as rich an experience as possible, the Organizing Committee is currently coordinating visiting expeditions and activities so all attendants can familiarize with the beautiful and breathtaking Araucanía region in all of its splendor during their visit. Detailed information will be published shortly in our website.