All registration fees must be paid exclusively through the SBE19 Temuco official webpage ( and the Webpay payment platform. No other payment method will be accepted. Please make sure to pay the amount that corresponds with your Registration Type.

  • Important: If you’ve sent an abstract to the Conference, we strongly advise you to wait for an acceptance notification before paying any fees.
  • Early Bird rates apply to all registration fees paid until 23:50 hrs, August 27th 2019. All fees paid after August 15th will be considered under our regular rates.
  • When registering as “Presenter”, please provide the following information in the registration form for each paper that you will be presenting:
    • Category (regular, member, student).
    • EasyChair number of accepted abstract.
    • Title of paper you will be presenting.
    • Main author.
  • All registration fees have to be fully paid in order to be considered as either a registered presenter or attendant to SBE19 Temuco.
  • Only members registered as presenters will be allowed to present papers at the Conference. For co-authored papers, only the responsible author (first one listed) will be required to pay the presenter registration fee, while co-authors will only be required to pay a general public attendant fee if they decide to attend the Conference.
  • Registration to the Conference is personal and non-transferable.
  • All payments must be conducted through the Webpay platform. If Spanish is not your native language, please follow the instructions in English provided in our webpage to ensure the payment process is properly completed.
  • Webpay is a safe, safeguarded and encrypted transaction platform that allows users to make purchases with national debit cards and international credit cards in Chile. All Webpay transactions are absolutely confidential and neither Universidad Católica de Temuco nor the Local Organizing Committee have access to any kind of financial information.
  • Once all fees have been processed and validated by the Local Organizing Committee, you’ll receive confirmation of your official registration to SBE19 Temuco.
  • Students must provide written proof of enrolment in a academic program in order opt for the discounted fee. Proof of enrolment must be sent to the email address prior to the payment of the registration fee.
  • Please note that we won’t refund paid Registration Fees, regardless of assistance to the Conference.
  • If you have any doubts about the payment process or encounter any issues, please contact the Local Organizing Committee at:


1. In the field of “Rubros” (Fields), please select “Universidades“(Universities).

2. In “Establecimientos” (Establishments), please select “UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE TEMUCO”.


3. On the “Seminario Charlas Artesania” (Seminar) option, click on “Pagar” (Pay).

4. On“Identificación de pago” (Payment Information), write SBE and your registration type (Regular, member, Student, Attendant (no presentation)). Please make sure the amount corresponds with the correct Registration Type.


On “Rut” (ID number), write your RUT if you’re a Chilean citizen or write 1-9 if you are not a Chilean Citizen.
On “Nombre” (Name), please write your surname and last name.
On “Correo electrónico” (Email address), please type your email address.
On “Monto” (Amount), please type the Registration Fee that corresponds to your Registration Type. The amount must be in Chilean Pesos.
It is not necessary to fill the “Observaciones” (Comments) field.
Finally, please click on “Pagar con Webpay” (Pay with WebPay).

5. You will be redirected to the Webpay website, please choose one of the following options and input the required payment information.

Debit card: For national payments.
Credit card: For national and international payments.
Onepay: For users of the mobile OnePay app.